Serene Wellness Massage Therapy
You need me to knead you...


"Thank you for the wonderful massage yesterday! You really made me feel totally relaxed and pampered. My shoulders feel so much better today. Not only were you able to find my sore spots and massage away the pain but I think the stretches really made a difference too. I felt so pampered with the foot soak before the massage and the paraffin foot wrap after. I will be back soon!"

 -Amber F.

"This was by far the best massage EVER. I felt pampered the moment I got there. She hit all the right spots, and really helped my shoulder pain. I would recommend her to anybody. Thanks Janelle :)"


"I've only had one massage before this and am not super comfortable with the massage process, but I have to say, I loved this massage!  I can't take a lot of pressure and you adjusted your kneading so that it was comfortable for me and I felt awesome afterwards!  I'm definitely a repeat customer!"

-Jill D.

"As a dental assistant, I spend a lot of time stooped over my patients, and as a result have needed many massages. Janelle is by far my FAVORITE massage therapist, and now the only one I go to. She helped relieve by constant back and shoulder pain, and has taught me techniques to avoid any further pain. She is very professional, and makes me feel completely at ease. I would recommend her to anyone looking for therapeutic massage, as well as anyone just looking to wind down and relax."

-Amy S.


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