Serene Wellness Massage Therapy
You need me to knead you...

Services and Rates

Classic Swedish Massage
30 Minute Massage $30
45 Minute Massage $45
60 Minute Massage $60
75 Minute Massage $75
90 Minute Massage $90
Deep Tissue Swedish Massage
30 Minute Deep Tissue Massage $35
45 Minute Deep Tissue Massage $55
60 Minute Deep Tissue Massage $70
75 Minute Deep Tissue Massage $85
90 Minute Deep Tissue Massage $100
Hot Stone Massage
Warmed stones are used as part of a Swedish massage, which helps loosen up sore muscles and ensures maximum relaxation.
30 Minute Hot Stone Massage $50
45 Minute Hot Stone Massage $65
60 Minute Hot Stone Massage $80
75 Minute Hot Stone Massage $95
90 Minute Hot Stone Massage $110

Prenatal Massage
30 Minute Massage $30
45 Minute Massage $45
60 Minute Massage $60
75 Minute Massage $75
90 Minute Massage $90
Massage Add-ons
Add these to your massage service for an extra special treat.
Foot Rejuvenation Add-on $10
Enjoy a foot scrub and extra massage on your feet.
Hand Rejuvenation Add-on $10
Enjoy a rejuvenating hand scrub and massage.
Back Exfoliation Add-on $10
Enjoy a relaxing back scrub with your massage.

Tension Headache Treatment
86% of women and 63% of men experience tension headaches.  This massage treatment will help release key head, face, neck, shoulder, and back muscles.
30 Minute Tension Headache Treatment $30
45 Minute Tension Headache Treatment $45
75 Minute Tension Buster Massage $75
The original!  This massage treatment was designed by me in 2015 and has been super popular ever since. Often copied, but never duplicated! Full body massage with extra focus on muscles contributing to tension headaches.

One Hour Classic Massage Series
Three (3) One Hour Classic Massages for $165 (Save $15)

Six (6) One Hour Classic Massages for $330 (Save $30)

Purchase a series of One Hour Classic Massage and save. Schedule massages at your convenience. 
If you would like a different series, just ask, I can set up custom packages and include spa services if desired. Just ask!

Body Care
Body Exfoliating Scrub $70
Enjoy a full body exfoliating scrub with a moisturizing lotion application.
Mud or Seaweed Wrap $85
Both wraps exfoliate, detoxify, and smooth out your skin.  Seaweed also tones and firms up your skin.  Mud or Seaweed is applied and then warm towels are used to remove it.  A moisturizing application finishes off the treatment.

Firming Body Exfoliation + Massage Treatment (90 Minutes) $150

Toning Seaweed Wrap + Massage Treatment (90 Minutes) $165
Lypossage Consultation Free
Lypossage Service $105

Lypossage® is a non-invasive, Holistic alternative to other body contouring methods.

Lypossage® is a respectful, non-invasive approach to dimension loss and detoxification that helps diminish the “dimpled” look of cellulite in women.  Lypossage® is a clinically proven treatment that effectively:

*  Detoxifies your body of years of built-up wastes and toxins – making you feel better.
*  Reshapes your figure without machines, needles, invasive surgery, exercise or dieting.
*  Re-contours and smoothes your skin by stretching and breaking down bound-up adhesive fibers that hold fat in uneven rippled patterns commonly known as cellulite.

Lypossage is a series of 18 sessions plus a free consultation before and after.  Best results are seen with 2-4 sessions per week.  For more information please give us a call.

Lypossage Consultation – 30 minutes – FREE
Lypossage Session – 30 minutes – $105
Prepayment Discounts:
3 Lypossage Sessions – $285.00 ($30.00 discount)
6 Lypossage Sessions – $540.00 ($90.00 discount)
Complete Series of 18 Sessions = $1,590.00 ($300.00 discount)